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  • letter: to Mohammed Alani

    … It has been about 5 years since we first met. The reason was the preparation that I did for the Pavilion of Iraq for the Venice Biennale, the country where you were born. The meeting was more than a studio visit. In a room somewhere in Vorst, an empty garage or something, you had made a small exhibition. You thought it was important that I could physically experience the works, not on the basis of a folder of images on the screen of your computer. The meeting was an invitation to watch, to experience a transformation, to play a game. And that game is called art. It is important to look at it that way, to the ability to give things a different meaning with the imagination. The cap of a bottle of water can safely be a city for a child. A stick from a tree even a bus. You play as an artist, but with seriousness, consideration and balance. That which is put by most of us at the door to be thrown away is the raw material of your artistic work. And just as Picasso brought together a saddle and handlebar of a bicycle and made an assembly with it, so you bring objects together, or rather, things are connected to each other, placed next to each other, temporarily held together. Every work is like an idea, a photo that has not yet been taken, an impulse or a thought. It gives direction to the way we look, an invitation to connect form and space. The spectator often also becomes part, protagonist, accessory. This is literally the case in the performances. The viewer becomes a carrier, a base, and is reduced to an object. Moments are kneaded as a sculptor puts a face in clay. Mohammed Alani unconsciously not only borrows or quotes visible elements from recent art history, but he also derives principles from which he turns upside down. But above all, Mohammed Alani is an artist who builds images from an intuition that elevates the banality of everyday life with a playful simplicity.

    Philippe Van Cauteren, director of S.M.A.K. (Museum for Contemporary Art) in Ghent, Belgium

    23 February 2018




‘It’s like being at school and not understanding the lesson’: Iraqi Artist Mohammed Alani At Galerie d’Apostrof












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